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[sticky post] Dr Mew Sales- Pokemon

dr mew sales

Sales policies:

  • Allpkmncollectorsrules apply.

  • I received sales permission fromalliniaon 27/10/2012

  • A link to my feedback:

  • I ship from the UK. due to Royal Mail price increases shipping outside of Europe may be high. Shipping starts at $6 for non flats

  • I can ship most days and standard packing method used is bubble mailer, unless specified or asked about, I am willing to accommodate to your needs.

  • I am not responsible for items lost in the post, if this concerns you please pay for tracking/insurance, although it is an additional $10 eeep.

  • Items will be held for 24 hours if you ask for it, may be held further if you are 100% committed. Payment must be sent within 24 hours or negative feedback will be left.

  • those who commit get priority over those just asking for quote's. if you want an item please say 'i'll take (item) to (location) or something like that

  • No editing your comments, if you wish to add or change items please just reply to your own comment. this makes it much simpler for me to know who asked first

  • Prices may be negotiable, just ask! Prices do not include shipping and PP fee's

  • I am open to trades for pokedolls and my wants are >>here<<

  • Paypal only, please send payments as "goods" and include what you bought in the note with your username.

  • Minimum purchase $3

  • I will only sell to PKMNcollectors members and to no one who is banned.

  • Please leave feedback after your items arrive and I will leave you some too :)

  • joltex and I live together so if you order from him we will combine shipping

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please comment below to buy :D

21st century breakdown inspired tattoo


aaaand here it is! my green day tattoo :3 i gave my tattoo artist the basic design of the 21st century breakdown album art and he came up with this :D
its on the back of my thigh, so excuse how weird my leg looks. This was just after I had it done and before the mass swelling and reddening commenced!
It was painful as all hell to get done, not a part of the body I recommend getting inked, seriously ouch. But i love it :) 

So i meant to post this about a month ago when I went to see Green day at the emirates stadium in london, but better late than never i guess.

reshiram: Hehe I know they are leaving today, time to go on an adventure! Uh Oh they're coming, better hide.

reshiram: Phew, it sure was stuffy in there! What's for lunch?......What! It's all gone?
me: um, why are you even here?
reshiram: Hm well that isnt very nice is it!
me: right, well seeing as your here I may as well give you a name. How about Lewis?
Lewis: 10 points for creativity there. But I like it. So, how long til we're off this train anyway?
me: *sighs*
me: We are finally here!
Lewis: well that is a pretty big door, lets get inside I'm pooped.
Lewis: Man this bed is comfy, I'll just rest here for a minute. Wake me up when your leaving. *snores*

The Next Day.

Lewis: WHAT! you went without me! but..but..but. Awh man this really sucks
Lewis: And the t-shirt you bought doesnt even fit me!
Me: Well I couldnt exactly take you could I? I didnt have enough tickets. Plus the shirts dont come in dragon size. You know this is why I didnt invite you in the first place. you cant just sneak in! It's time to go home now anyway.
Lewis: Man I hate trains....This was the worst day ever.

And now a few pictures from the gig! Minus festivals this was the largest gig I have been to. The capacity of the stadium is usually 60k but i could tell that much more than that were there. After the show green day's crew revealed this was true and there was closer to 75k there. They were absolutely amazing as usual! they never fail to impress me and probably never will. It was great to hear so many of their old songs in there, especially from the dookie days! although I have to say the highlight was actually one of their new songs, Brutal Love. It was just beautiful. it's my dream to be one of the lucky people who are taken onstage, even if it meant singing and i cant sing to save my life! I'd probably fan girl overload though, i hope i wouldnt cry!
Anyway it was awesome but I have never seen such highly priced drinks in my life, that and i've never smelt so much dope and seen so many converse, got to love a green day gig ;)

this image is from Billie Joe's instagram of the night, pretty much sums it up :)
these are before and after of the gig. I was a little too preoccupied to take anything decent during the actual show!
here's to the next time! <3


a picture of my foot tattoo's. the rainbow cutie mark was only just done here so my foot still seems pretty swollen. although you cant see the tips of either tattoo they match up positions so even though they are from different fandoms they look like they belong together



he is finally here :D
my 3ft fishy has arrived and is clogging up my entire bed
im so happy with his softness and its really cuddly :3
although unofficial technically his dimensions mean he is a 1:1 scale plush :D so thats my 9th lifesized plushie with 2 more on the way. i cant wait for gen 6 lifesize plushes to be released. i will definitely be getting a fenniken

more pictures
ignore my grumpy bare face, i was having a rough day :P

fishy wants a kissy :3


Apr. 13th, 2013


Absolutely unnecessary! when an item has been up on the comm for a week with reminders. how can I compete with someone seven minutes before the end when they are in the same time zone as the host. it was half 1 in the morning here! what happened to common curstosy. 



for Mew items I am not too concerned about tags however, pokedolls must have tush tag minimum and preferably with hang tag. I am collecting all the Hoothoot and Noctowl items that I can so if you see any here that are not listed then please let me know as I will more than likely be interested.
I can buy or trade for these items and will take suggestions on where to find them, such as y!j, ebay or sales posts
thank you :)

if you have this available I will bend over backwards to try and buy it ;)


I will try super hard to get the funds to buy these items

1:1 totodile

japanese noctowl pokedoll

pichu 2009 pillow plush


regular wants
i will only buy these if i have the money

i would like to see any little tales items you have


dx pokedoll mew
dx mew

Daruma bowling pin mew
bowling pin mew

yawarakai mew soft touch
yawarakai mew

terrycloth beanie mew


pokecen mew


mew pokedoll figure

images (8)

shiny noctowl pin


in case hoothoot


hoothoot ball


hoothoot metal coin


tomy charm


hoothoot with masterball keychain


hoothoot keychain watch


hoothoot metal figure (all colours)


hoothoot lock

hoothoot keychain

clear hoothoot and noctowl kids

shiny noctowl tomy

hoothoot pillow plush
hoothoot pillow

hoothoot throw plush


POKEDOLLS - I am collecting pokedolls so if you have any others not listed here please let me know

squritle pokedoll (prefer 10th anniversary release)

download (7)

piplup pokedoll

download (6)

magby pokedoll

download (19)

corsola pokedoll
images (7)

torchic pokedoll
download (18)

cresselia pokedoll

download (17)

pachirisu pokedoll
buneary pokedoll


marill pokedoll

download (2)

natu pokedoll

download (3)

bidoof pokedoll

download (5)

keldeo pokedoll , both orignal and resolute form needed

download (3)

raichu pokedoll

download (1)

zekrom pokedoll

download (8)

houndour pokedoll

download (9)

giratina origin form

download (12)


download (9)


download (2)

download (6)

download (4)


download (7)

duskull pokedoll
download (1)

timburr pokedoll
download (2)

download (21)


download (22)


download (23)


download (24)


download (25)


images (9)

sawk and throh 

Aug. 22nd, 2012

okay i've been a member here long enough probably time to figure out how to use most of this thing!